My parents have just announced that in August we are moving to Manchester where I will be home-schooled by my Granny Smitherson who I have never met before! Though my stepsisters and stepdad will still be living in Glasgow. To celebrate we are going to the Coronation Street live tour and in July we are going to Kendal Kalling on our way to our new house for the weekend!

-Ali 🙂 😀


Hi guys! Sorry for not posting recently but my horrible teacher (AKA Mrs Richards) gave us an oversized pile of homework a couple of weeks ago and when I thought I had seen the last of homework she gave us three-double-sided-A4-pages to do! But because of what my mum and stepdad are like I was forced to do it all in about a week and now I’m back. I decided to start a secret YouTube channel-mychannel name is Aaliyah And The Video Games Banta Blog- and I have know posted 3 RHS videos on it.

The first one (above ^) shows me strolling along the Bella’s disguises and messing around in the memoir park.

The second one is of me preforming in the auditorium.

Andddddd the third one is of me skateboardin…..

Also I have a Google+ page for my YouTube & blog

Remember to follow my official blog Instagram @aligamingxoxo as I may have a competition coming up soon to celebrate all of this that will not be announced here on the blog.

-Ali 😀


Roblox High School

A few weeks ago I discovered an awesome Roblox game called Roblox High School and I wanted to share some pictures of myself in this world.

Me in my Red Old Rusty

Me in my Red Old Rusty

Did you know that you can actually buy cars on this!

Also you can skateboard

Also you can skateboard

Me skating around the place!


And I finally found a hair that looks like mine in real life at Bella’s Disguises!

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-Ali 😀

Super Saturday Mixture

Hi guys! Hope you all have a great Saturday! As there were no post requests I am going to do a mixed post about all of the stuff I have been doing in video games recently. Roblox: Playing Roblox High School and saving up for a standard car. Here is me with it:

Me with my new car on Roblox High School

Me with my new car on Roblox High School

Scratch: A new project!! View here: Minecraft (pocket edition on my Ipod because my Xbox broke yesterday 😦  ) : quarter of a dozen flying beds!

My quarter-of-a-dozen flying beds of Minecraft P.E

My quarter-of-a-dozen flying beds of Minecraft P.E

I am also going to post all of these photos on my Instagram ( and maybe even a video of me playing video games today (thanks to Emily at My Life As A Pre Teen Dork for being my first blog and Instagram follower!) and if my mum will let me I may put it on YouTube!

-Ali 😀

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